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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, December 14, 2017

It Begins - 687,000 Bus Drivers To Be Fired

The poverty of the 1930s Great Depression is coming back. Technology, robotics, the Internet and outsourcing are permanently abolishing jobs by the millions.  At some point the consumer economy will collapse as people with jobs to buy products simply vanish.

A Permanent Great Depression

  • There are 687,000 bus drivers in America. Now government is working hand-in-hand with business to put driverless buses on the road and fire workers.
  • The public Bullshit excuse given to a mouth-breathing Sheeple public is driverless buses are so much safer . . . just ignore the resulting unemployment.

(WCCO) – The Minnesota Department of Transportation debuted new technology Tuesday that’s rarely been seen in Minnesota.

MnDOT, along with various partners, tested out self-driving buses that could carry commuters on the streets of Minnesota.

Minnesota transit leaders introduced the autonomous shuttle bus to the media at MnDOT’s road research center in Monticello. Throughout the winter, the vehicle will go through a series of winter weather road condition tests.

MnDOT believes autonomous buses cut traffic and fuel demand and are safer than a normal car.

Similar test runs of the self-driving bus are expected to continue throughout the state through at least April of next year. There’s no immediate timeline for what the next step would be.

Johnny Cab - Total Recall
Corporations and governments are looking to replace every truck, bus, cab or UPS driver with robots. Get ready for eternal poverty because NO ONE will have a job.

Bureau of Labor Statistics.gov

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The successful political party of the future will run on a "Jobs for Humans" platform.  It will be a  return of the Luddites as millions of people permanently made unemployable by machines demand help just to live.

TRAITORS - Mueller should stay say Republicans

Traitors, Scumbags and Whores Oh My
  • Republicans go out of their way to hold Russia hearings to destroy Trump, they hid Obamatrade from the public and they protect illegal alien immigration. On many issues the bought off GOP works hand-in-hand with Democrats.
  • Now the GOP continues to back Mueller and his team of corrupt Democrat, pro-Hildabeast attorneys.
  • President Trump is all alone in the Washington swamp with nearly zero support form the "Conservative" GOP.

(AP) - House Republicans ratcheted up criticism of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian meddling Wednesday, questioning whether there was bias on his team of lawyers but stopping short of calling for his firing or resignation.

South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy, who is leading investigations into Democrat Hillary Clinton and leaks from the Russia probe, ticked through the text messages in prosecutorial style at Wednesday's hearing. But he also said he doesn't want Mueller removed.

The sentiment is similar across the Capitol, where both Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr said in interviews Wednesday they continue to have confidence in Mueller. The two committees are leading their own investigations into Russian interference in the election.

Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, a member of the intelligence panel, said he believes the problems on Mueller's team - such as the text messages - are an "anomaly" and said the "mass majority" of Republicans want to see him stay in place.

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Boeing Execs Head to Iran

(Washington Free Beacon)  -  Executives from major airplane manufacturers Boeing and AirBus will reportedly head to Iran next week to hammer down multi-billion dollar deals to sell the Islamic Republic a new fleet of commercial planes amid a congressional crackdown on Tehran's continued use of commercial aircraft to transport weapons and terrorist fighters across the region.
As controversy continues to swirl around Boeing's and AirBus's efforts to sell Iran a fleet of new jets, Congress has taken steps to mandate the U.S. government release public reports outlining Tehran's continued use of commercial aircraft for illicit terrorism purposes.
The multi-billion dollar deals with Iran have been opposed by many in Congress who have disclosed evidence that the Islamic Republic routinely uses commercial aircraft as cover when illicitly transporting weapons and fighters across the Middle East.
The Washington Free Beacon first reported in October that the Trump administration has been reviewing the sales with an increasingly critical eye, and could decline to grant Boeing the necessary licenses to complete the deal. The State Department emphasized and explained this stance on Wednesday when approached by the Free Beacon for comment.
Boeing executives were in Tehran as recently as May, when they met with a top former Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) member who threatened to blow up U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf region. That official, Hossein Alaei, is now the CEO of Aseman Airlines, one of the state-controlled airlines Boeing is seeking to ink a deal with.
Executives from both Boeing and AirBus will reportedly travel to Iran again next week to discuss how Tehran will finance the purchase of a new commercial fleet, which could number at least 180 planes combined.
Massoumeh Asgharzadeh, the head of Iran Air Public Relations Office, reportedly stated that Iran intends finance the new deal domestically.
"Our preference is to use domestic financial resources, but we also have the option to finance the purchases through Airbus and Boeing themselves," the official was quoted as saying in Iran's press.
As the Western airplane manufacturers continue to pursue deals with Iran, Congress took steps this week to more fully expose Iran's use of these types of planes for terrorism purposes.
Included in the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, a mammoth yearly funding bill for America's defense priorities, is a requirement that the U.S. government begin providing Congress with an annual report on Iran's use of commercial aircraft for illicit purposes.
The effort, lawmakers told the Free Beacon, is meant to highlight the danger of deals being pursued by Boeing and AirBus.
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The Corruption is Everywhere
How can you clean it up when everyone and 
their mother is lining up to get their share?

Follow The Money
"There are no sides. There's no Sunnis and Shiites. There's no Democrats and Republicans. There's only HAVES and HAVE-NOTS."  
Senator Charles F. Meachum

Shooter (2007)

Killing Infidels for Love - Muslim couple who plotted terrorist attack are jailed

True Love

  • Madihah Taheer, 22, told Ummar Mirza, 21: ‘I want you to kill for me. I have a list,’ and he agreed to do so on their wedding day

(The Guardian)  -  A married couple from Birmingham who practised carrying out Islamic State-inspired knife attacks on a dummy in their home have been jailed for preparing acts of terrorism. 
Ummar Mirza, 21, was sentenced at Woolwich crown court to 16 years in prison in London on Wednesday for preparing acts of terrorism in the UK.Madihah Taheer, 22, was jailed for 10 years after purchasing a combat knife for her husband.
The pair had long discussed carrying out an attack, exchanging messages before they were married in September 2015 in which Taheer wrote: “Can we get married already ffs. I want you to kill ppl for me. I have a list.”
Mirza replied: “The day of the nikkah [marriage] I’ll kill em all. Give me the list. The only thing that stops me is we are not married. I will defo ... I’m not joking.”
Taheer, who has recently become a mother, was convicted of preparing an act of terror in October this year, while her husband pleaded guilty to the charge at an earlier hearing.

When police raided the couple’s home in Birmingham, they found a life-like training dummy with slash marks across its forehead, throat and abdomen.
Prior to his arrest, Mirza had carried out a number of internet searches on the best knife to buy, how to commit the “perfect murder”, and how to kill someone with a knife.
After acquiring a combat knife, purchased by his wife, Mirza researched targets including Jewish areas in London and Birmingham, and barracks and Territorial Army bases in Birmingham.
Two days before Mirza was arrested he had also been searching reports about a Birmingham flat being linked to the Westminster terror attack, and on the Westminster attacker Khalid Masood.
Messages between the couple produced in court showed them discussing the purchase of a training dummy, with Mirza preferring a neoprene model over a plastic one. 
One message from him to Taheer said: “I know the difference in feeling. [The] same way I like hitting you. It is fun. It feels nice to hit, so to feel flesh contort under the force.” 
Sentencing Mirza, Judge Christopher Kinch QC said he had shown “inexorable progress” towards a lone-wolf attack, adding the 21-year-old had “moved from speculative ideas to sourcing equipment, to training and searching for possible targets”.
“The harm which might have been caused is undoubtedly high,” Kinch said. “I am satisfied having regard to all the material I have read that you pose a significant risk of serious harm being caused to members of the public from the commission of further specified offences.”
Speaking about Taheer’s case, Kinch described it as a “personal tragedy” because the October trial came when her first child was just five months old.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wonder Woman Porn - Coming Soon To A Computer Near You

100,000 Years of Evolution Brought Us Artificial Intelligence Porn
Personally I would hold out for my Charisma Carpenter or Scarlett Johansson Sex-Droid.

(Motherboard)  -  There’s a video of Gal Gadot having sex with her stepbrother on the internet. But it’s not really Gadot’s body, and it’s barely her own face. It’s an approximation, face-swapped to look like she’s performing in an existing incest-themed porn video.

The video was created with a machine learning algorithm, using easily accessible materials and open-source code that anyone with a working knowledge of deep learning algorithms could put together.

A clip from the full video, hosted on SendVids,
showing Gal Gadot's face on a porn star's body.

It's not going to fool anyone who looks closely. Sometimes the face doesn't track correctly and there's an uncanny valley effect at play, but at a glance it seems believable. It's especially striking considering that it's allegedly the work of one person—a Redditor who goes by the name 'deepfakes'—not a big special effects studio that can digitally recreate a young Princess Leia in Rogue One using CGI. Instead, deepfakes uses open-source machine learning tools like TensorFlow, which Google makes freely available to researchers, graduate students, and anyone with an interest in machine learning.

Like the Adobe tool that can make people say anything, and the Face2Face algorithm that can swap a recorded video with real-time face tracking, this new type of fake porn shows that we're on the verge of living in a world where it's trivially easy to fabricate believable videos of people doing and saying things they never did. Even having sex.

So far, deepfakes has posted hardcore porn videos featuring the faces of Scarlett Johansson, Maisie Williams, Taylor Swift, Aubrey Plaza, and Gal Gadot on Reddit. I’ve reached out to the management companies and/or publicists who represent each of these actors informing them of the fake videos, and will update if I hear back.

Fake celebrity porn, where images are photoshopped to look like famous people are posing nude, is a years-old category of porn with an ardent fan base. People commenting and voting in the subreddit where deepfakes posts are big fans of his work. This is the latest advancement in that genre.

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Which Format Will Win?
Celebrity Internet porn? Celebrity virtual reality porn? or Celebrity sex droids?

Is it real?
Or a Kate Upton Sex-Droid?

Elizabeth Warren Calls Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand A “Slut"

Democrat "Slut-Shaming"

  • Leftists are so pissed that Trump does not use words like slut that they have to put it in their own hate tweets just to inject it into the conversation.

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48% of Americans would ban free speech

More and More Americans Support Restrictions on Freedom

  • The current excuse to limit freedom is "hate speech". Strangely "hate speech" often looks a lot like mainstream Conservative views.

(Washington Times)  -  Nearly half of Americans support banning Nazis and white supremacists from speaking on college campuses, a poll shows, but higher education critics warn that such a move would be imprudent and legally dubious.
The poll was sponsored by the documentary “No Safe Spaces,” featuring comedian Adam Carolla and radio host Dennis Prager on a tour of U.S. universities, and asked respondents to choose from a list of 12 groups that should not be allowed to speak on college campuses.
Forty-eight percent chose Nazis, 40 percent white supremacists, 32 percent Holocaust deniers and 24 percent communists.
Mr. Prager said the results demonstrate America’s increasing antipathy for the right of freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment.

“The whole point of our Constitution, and of America itself, is that all speech — especially hate speech — is protected,” Mr. Prager said. “After all, love speech needs no protection. It’s precisely offensive speech that our founders intended to protect and that we are compelled to defend. I decided to participate in this film because if we don’t get this right, we will literally lose our country and our freedoms.
“Sadly, this poll reinforces the need for the film and for us to save our country from tyranny.”
Compared with the general public, millennials are only slightly more in favor of prohibiting people with unpopular beliefs from speaking on college campuses. Fifty percent of the up-and-coming generation said Nazis should not be permitted to speak at universities, compared with 48 percent of Generation X, 47 percent of baby boomers and 44 percent of those 72 and older.
Communism was the only ideology that millennials supported significantly more than their elders. Just 18 percent of millennials said proponents of communism should be barred from speaking on campus, compared with 26 percent of Gen X, 26 percent of baby boomers and 31 percent of the older generation.
Six percent of millennials and 6 percent of all respondents said political conservatives should be shunned from academia.
Last month, for instance, protesters at the University of California Berkeley greeted Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, with chants of “Nazi, go home!”
“I suspect that the term ‘Nazi’ is received as having a much broader applicability than is appropriate,” Mr. Wood said. “Lots of people who may rightly be seen as on the political right are caricatured as Nazis.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

POLL - Pro-Vader Campaign Shows Room For Growth

Princess Leia vs Darth Vader

  • Sex Appeal Wins Again  -  A poll shows the mindless public favoring the sex appeal of Princess Leia over the "Get The Job Done At Any Price" Darth Vader.
  • Still there is room for growth for those of us in the Vader Movement. The can do spirit of our leader will narrow the poll gap.

  • Vader shows great potential. Despite suffering from decades of bad press from the lamestream galactic media, Darth Vader's popularity has shown surprising resilience. He's given a thumbs up by almost half (49 percent) of those polled. Obviously there are a lot of folks out there who don't buy into the lies propagated by the media arms of the filthy rebel alliance. I'm talking about the good, hardworking folks filled with anxiety about trade disputes and other economic matters who just want to Make The Galaxy Great Again. Indeed, one could argue that Darth has a shockingly high 104 percent approval rating, since this poll, oddly, asks about both Anakin Skywalker AND Darth Vader (spoiler: it's the same guy). But that seems off to me and I wouldn't want to propagate #FakeNews. Anyway, these are really good numbers for Vader, but they leave room for improvement. I would suggest he pursues a two-fold strategy: targeted media buys in systems that are already open to the message of the Empire (such as Coruscant) and demonstrations of galactic power on those systems that are still somewhat … shaky. Nothing like forcing the people to love you to get your numbers up! Fortunately for Vader, Alderaan is no longer around to drag his numbers down; take out a few more recalcitrant systems and we can get him over 50 percent in no time.

(Morning Consult)  -  The Star Wars gang returns to theaters next week with the release of the franchise’s latest film, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Forty-nine percent of U.S. adults said they plan to see the movie, with 32 percent saying they intend to see it in theaters, according to a new Morning Consult poll.
The Dec. 1-4 survey of 2,200 adults, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points, also revealed the Force is stronger with some characters than it is with others — at least when it comes to their favorability.

Princess Leia earned the highest favorability, at 73 percent, followed by Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Yoda, who all tied for second at 72 percent. R2-D2’s 71-percent favorability is impressive — most impressive — compared to fellow droid C-3PO’s 65 percent and 39 percent for BB-8.

Poll respondents also ranked the original Star Wars trilogy, which starts with “Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope,” highest in favorability compared with the prequels and more recent films. The newer films — “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” — are more popular than the prequels.

Key to the Star Wars dynasty are adults aged 30-44. Respondents in that category were more likely than any other age group to say they’ve seen each “Star Wars” movie, and they were more likely to say they have purchased a Star Wars-branded product.

The Walt Disney Co.’s first film for the franchise, “The Force Awakens,” has brought in more than $936 million since its 2015 release, making it the highest-grossing film in the United States without inflation adjustment. It’s also one of three Star Wars films in the overall top 10 highest domestically grossing films.

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For some strange reason fans are
attracted to Princess Leia

A day at the beach with Dad

Princess Leia Fan Art

Read More:
Saturday Sultress - Princess Leia Cosplay

The Top Radio Talk Shows in America

After all these years Rush still sits at the top of the Conservative media pile, but not by very much.

Though I still listen I find myself screaming at Rush for falling into the "R" is good and "D" is bad cheerleader style radio. Shit happens in Washington because on many issues the Elites of both parties are allies not enemies.

Fearless and Honest.
Dr. Michael Savage is a favorite of mine because he refuses to drink the Socialist Kool Aid dished out by both political parties.
To me it is a badge of honor that Savage is hated by the so-called Conservative Elite and is banned from Fox News. Forcefully telling the truth is always unpopular with the Elites.

The Internet Pioneer
Infowars with Alex Jones pioneered Internet based Conservative talk radio.  The program is also a syndicated radio show broadcast nationally on AM and FM radio stations in the U.S., and online on Youtube, audio podcast, and on the official sites Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv

Jones said that he is "proud to be listed as a thought criminal against Big Brother".

Robot God to be worshiped by humans

Yes, Humans Are That Stupid

(Daily Mail)  -  A religion based around a robot god will succeed because humans tend to 'worship supreme understanding', experts have claimed.  

One researcher has said the same drive that compels people to believe in higher beings and follow religions will also work for so-called AI 'Godheads'.

Others have commented that, like religion, people will eventually rely on a 'robot messiah' to solve society's problems.

Last month, former Uber and Google engineer Anthony Levandowski formed the first church to follow an artificially intelligent being.

The religion, known as 'Way of the Future', claims our species can better itself by following the instructions of a robot that is 'a billion times smarter than humans'. 

Now AI expert and lawyer John Mitchell has said humans have a tendency to 'worship supreme understanding', and that this also applies to AI.

'We [believe] there must be some higher power that causes lightning, sunsets, and crashing waves - or at least speaks to the bottom of our beings, rather than ignore them as ho-hum background,' he told Fox News.

Dr Stephen Thaler, President and CEO of Imagination Engines and an AI and consciousness expert, said people will rely on AI to solve society's problems.

'An AI would provide the equivalent of a "messiah" - having many orders of magnitude more processing elements than the brain, enabling it to gift us with solutions to the most daunting social, political, economic, and environmental challenges,' he said.

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