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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Comics

A Ruined Nation | Robot Chicken

Gay Porn Streamed During Political Debate

What the fuck?

  • PORN - We may have finally found a way to make political debates interesting for the average voter.

Hackers reportedly streamed a gay pornography video during an online House race debate for California’s 1st District Congressional seat.

“The organization Independent Like the North State presented the forum, which was open to the seven candidates vying for GOP incumbent Doug LaMalfa’s seat. Only two candidates, Lewis Elbinger, Green Party candidate from Mount Shasta, and David Peterson, Democrat from Grass Valley, were present,” reports KRCRTV.

The debate, which was hacked with video of two men engaged in sexual acts shortly after 8:00 pm PST on Thursday, was streamed both online and broadcasted on radio station KFOI 90.9 FM.

Amid the hack, Moderator Chris Verrill was heard saying,  “Looks like we got hacked again, we’ll try to fix this.”

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Finally making school civics classes interesting.

"War with Russia" says right-wing nut job at the Washington Examiner

7 mile Bridge in True Lies

Bomb a Russian Bridge says Warmonger

  • Idiot warmongering is totally bipartisan and spans all periods of history. 
  • Now we see a drooling right-wing loon urge war with Russia. Naturally 99.9% of warmongers have no desire to fight in the war themselves, but would love for other people's children fight and die in a war.

(Washington Examiner)  -  Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the Kerch Strait Bridge connecting Crimea, Ukraine, with mainland Russia on Tuesday. Putin did so by in a typical show of bravado by leading a column of transport vehicles across the bridge.
Ukraine should now destroy elements of the bridge.
While that course of action would be an escalation against Putin and one that would almost certainly spark Russian retaliation, this bridge is an outrageous affront to Ukraine's very credibility as a nation. 
Of course, from Putin's perspective that's the whole point. The bridge cost Russia's near-bankrupt government billions of dollars, but it offers Putin a formal physical and psychological appropriation of Ukrainian territory.
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The Warmongers are always with us

The new Kerch Strait Bridge connecting Russian Crimea with mainland Russia.

Russian since the 1700s
Novorossiya  - literally New Russia is a historical term denoting an area 
north of the Black Sea which was conquered by the Russian Empire at the 
end of the 18th century.  The area had previously been controlled for 
centuries by the Crimean Khanate and Ottoman Turkey.

What if Putin said:
"Give back Hawaii."

Above USS Boston's landing force on duty at the Arlington Hotel, Honolulu, at the time of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, January 1893.
Putin could easily say that if it is wrong for Russia to want Russian speaking Crimea back then it is wrong for the U.S. to continue holding the Kingdom of Hawaii.  Two can play at the game of national borders.
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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday Sultress - Aly Michalka

Aly Michalka is the best an American actress and recording artist. She achieved popularity for playing the role of Keely Teslow in the Disney Channel series Phil of the Future and has engaged in film and other television roles containing the CW series Hellcats and iZombie. Michalka and her own sister, actress Amanda “AJ” Michalka, are parts of the musical duo Aly & AJ.

POLICE STATE - FBI spied on Trump without a warrant

The FBI is now the KGB
“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

(Daily Wire)  -  A report released by The New York Times on Wednesday revealed that the FBI, under Director James Comey's leadership, used a secret program that does not require the approval of a judge to gather phone records and "other documents" on Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
The report also revealed that a government informant met several times with Trump campaign officials, which validates a March 8, 2018 report from The Washington PostThe New York Times reports:
The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena — officials said. And at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos, current and former officials said. That has become a politically contentious point, with Mr. Trump’s allies questioning whether the F.B.I. was spying on the Trump campaign or trying to entrap campaign officials.
From 1776 to 1984
The brave men who fought for our freedom from Monarchy are turning over in their graves at what the political whores in both parties are doing.

National security letters (NSL) are secret orders that the FBI uses on a regular basis to obtain sensitive electronic data and phone records. The Intercept reports:
They are controversial in part because they carry the force of law but are created entirely outside the judicial system: To issue one, an FBI official just needs to attest that the information sought is relevant to a national security investigation. The letters have also been criticized because they are shrouded in secrecy. Companies that receive them are for the most part forbidden from notifying their customers or the public. The government has fought to keep even basic rules governing them secret.
Companies that receive NSLs might not be legally required to hand over the information demanded by the FBI. The Intercept continues:
The FBI’s internal guidelines suggest that the bureau uses the letters to demand sensitive information on email transactions — even though the Justice Department has specifically advised the FBI that it does not have the authority to use the letters this way. The documents also indicate that the FBI can use national security letters to surveil a “community of interest by obtaining information from a business about a customer and every person that customer has contacted. This is a controversial practice that the bureau once halted amid scrutiny. But the documents reveal that a secretive unit that mines phone records can still initiate such requests.
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Transgender Sues After Muslim Refuses Body Waxing Service

A World Gone Mad

An unnamed male-to-female transgender is suing a spa in Canada after a female Muslim employee refused to wax him, citing religious grounds.
According to the filed complaint, the trans woman tried to get a body waxing at Mad Wax beauty spa in March but was turned away when no one was available to perform the waxing. The employee who typically waxes male customers was out on sick leave, and the other employee working, a Muslim woman, refused, as she will not make physical contact with any male she is not related to.
The complaint was brought before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. The application to the tribunal, filled out by the trans woman, says the spa's "refusal to provide me with leg-waxing services because I am a Transgender woman, and their disclosing my name, gender identity and personal information to various media outlets has left me feeling threatened, exposed, with my rights violated in terms of seeking services as a woman in the Windsor-Essex community."
The complainant is seeking $50,000 for "immense harm to my dignity."
Mad Wax, though, is standing by their employee. Jason Carruthers, president and CEO of Mad Wax Windsor Camp Inc., said he welcomes and respects his employee's religious beliefs.
"All clients regardless of sex, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation are welcome," said Carruthers in a statement to CTV News. "However, we also welcome staff members and respect their religious beliefs and feelings of safety and dignity in regards to the right not to perform waxing services on males or male genitals."
Carruthers' attorney, Ray Colautti, added that the spa "respects its own staff and religious beliefs and feelings of safety and dignity in regards to the right in not performing waxing services that they don't feel comfortable providing."
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Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Femmes with Firearms - Military Edition

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.